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Fervency Perspective – Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

These simple words of advice resonate with me today. There are too many ti􏰀mes that we let others–you may call them ”haters” or the naysayers, the doubters, the Debbie Downers–steal our joy. I find joy in everything I do from my work to my personal life to other people’s lives and work. From a simple disapproving look, conversati􏰀on, or email it can cause you to doubt your own decisions and even worse ruin your day. Why is it so easy for people to steal your joy?


You let them.

Women In Tech

Today, make the conscious decision to not let anyone steal your joy. You work too hard for the little  successes…and too darn hard for the big ones. Life is short and for someone to steal your hard-earned and well-deserved moments of happiness…well it sucks. Don’t let them take your moments of shine. Don’t let them knock you down. But don’t hesitate to share your joy with others. Your real supporters will keep encouraging you and li􏰂fting you to bigger and be􏰃tter things.

What helps me? Text or email ONE close friend. Tell him/her what is going on. After the digital interaction, let it go. You’ve been lifted and that person can no longer steal your joy.

What helps you overcome joy-stealers?

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