6 Ways To Enhance Your Personal Brand

You may spend countless hours marketi􏰀ng others’ successes but how can we as communications professionals market our own success without looking like we are too􏰀ting our own horns? How can we marke􏰀t our own success while creating our personal brand? Here are six tips to get started or enhance your personal brand:

1. Be your own publicist. Start by making a name for yourself online and offline. Start a blog, contribute to other blogs and news sites, and be ac􏰀tive in social media. Contribute your voice whenever and whatever possible. Do you have a media outlet on your wishlist that you wish YOU were quoted or featured in? Make it your goal. This isn’t the 􏰀time to be shy. You are a star, so shine–start standing out already.

2. Research your competiti􏰀􏰀on AND like-minded women.  It is good to know what your competition and your s-heroes are up to plus you it can give you some pointers and things to learn from. Use Hootsuite to monitor people, keywords, and hashtags. Use LinkedIn to follow thought leaders.

3. Always be on the look out for opportuniti􏰀es. Be in the know. Parti􏰀cipate in meetups, professional development events, conferences, un-conferences…just get out there and meet others, share your knowledge, and gain knowledge. Network, network, network!

4. ”I’ve gotta􏰁a be me…” Sammy Davis sung it best. Some􏰀times being yourself can be the biggest payoff. People see through phonies so being genuine can set you apart from the others that aren’t marketing their success for the greater good but just for vanity purposes.

5. Stay on top of news and trends. Earn some mileage by reading newspapers and magazines. Subscribe to Blavity, Skimm, Levo League, Her Agenda. Keep abreast of what’s happening, share with others, and become a go-to source.

6. Give back. It is important to contribute to the industry. Become a mentor or volunteer your efforts in an organization that advances women.

I encourage you to work on Project: You. It is important to set yourself apart from others and let your determinati􏰀on and uniqueness shine through by marketing your successes and build your personal brand. You are a star–con􏰀tinue to shine, give back, and move towards your goals.

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