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Networking: Stop Considering It A “Necessary Evil”

net·work·ing noun
Definiti􏰀on of NETWORKING
1. : the exchange of informati􏰀on or services among individuals, groups, or ins􏰀titutions; specifically: the cul􏰀tivati􏰀on of productive relati􏰀onships for employment or business (source: Merriam-Webster)

Why is it that a simple word sends shivers down most people’s spines? I have encountered a few that actually live for networking and sing its praises from the roo􏰂f tops. But others…not so much. We must stop thinking of networking as a necessary evil but as a vital part of our personal and professional brand-building. I am fond of saying your network is your net worth and I made it known at last week’s Social Media Week’s Advancing Women: Leadership in Social (along with other tips on collaboration, self-care, and how we must stay “always learning”). read more