Work With Aliah

If I had a dollar for every time I spoke to a college student, a colleague, a career-changer, or a stay-at-home mom that told me they were living a life without inspiration and passion…let’s just say I would have a lot of dollars. Once upon a time they had that fire but it had relinquished. Life happened. Dreams become deferred. Making money and “adulting” seemed to conquer all. Maybe one of these women sound like you. These women were missing that one thing: fervency. That sense of fulfillment, happiness, freedom, and energy that leading a passionate life brings.

That spark, that FERVENCY.

Fervency Definiton

Are you ready to live your best and passionate career and life but don’t know where to start? Don’t waste another precious second of your life second-guessing, hesitating, procrastinating, and most importantly–NOT following your passions.

It is time to get on some next-level ish. I’m that sister-friend that gives stellar career advice because I been there-done that and want to share how you can get there without the nonsense. I’m that colleague that always give you praise, provides you with constructive criticism and helps you move upward and forward. Or maybe you haven’t had that colleague! I’m that old college friend that you ping on Facebook to look at your resume. Yes, that happens. Often.

Most of all I’m a motivator. To put it simply, I have no interest in “making it” over others. I want to live in a world where we all have “made it”. Success can only exist when it’s shared in all its glorious fabulousness. Let’s get it!

Let’s get to work:

  • For Careerists:
    • Career Consultation and Passions-Into-Fruition
      • Create resumes and cover letters that get you your dream role
      • Tailor-made in-person, phone and Skype sessions to strategize, plan, and implement passions into fruition
      • Webinars and empowerment workshops for The Fervency members (coming soon)
  • For Brands:
    • Brand Management and Digital Storytelling
      • Deliver strategic advice to clients, drawing on social, digital and communications expertise
      • Develop a dynamic, results-driven brand management strategy
      • Conduct digital audits and create business plans and abstracts
      • Create stellar and engaging digital storytelling content
      • Manage influencer marketing programs
  • For Your Next Event:
    • Events Management and Execution
      • Manage and provide creative direction for large-scale events and conferences
      • Host and act as Spokesperson, Speaker, or Moderator
      • Provide publicity and media outreach

aliahdaviscouchnikkiAbout me: I’m an award-winning PR and social media strategist, digital influencer, and content creator committed to developing strong relationship-based programs leveraging the power of social media and digital storytelling to extend the reach of my clients’ brands. I planted the seeds for The Fervency when I found the tools and resources for living a successful, fulfilling career and life. I knew I wanted to share this with other women. It shouldn’t take you a month, a year, or until the baby is out of diapers/the kids are in school/find a new job/insert reason here to unlock your best and passionate career and life.

I have served on national and local boards for the United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council and The Association for Women in Communications and spoken at SXSW, Mashable’s Social Media Day, Social Media Week NY, Blogalicious, The Newark Museum, The New York Social Media Summit, The Center for Nonprofits Success Leadership Series, and more. Most recently, I have received the honor of PR News 2017 Top Women in PR and have been featured in O, Essence, CNN, Real Simple, and Working Mother and as a Finalist in the Campbell’s Soup “Camp Campbell” for influential women.

My vices? Spending time with my sons and husband, being immersed in all things social and tech, helping women feel inspired, wanted AND needed in this crazy world, and trying to PR my half-marathon time while perfecting healthy recipes that tastes as good as my Grandma made.

These aren’t really vices but makes me happy and I go out of my way to do these things! 

Enough about me. Now, it is all about YOU.

I am a HUGE believer that by following that instinctual pull towards your passion leads to living in your greatness. Choosing to live a more fulfilling life isn’t about pursuing only one thing you love, but about finding love in the many things you do and want to do. Get ready to embark on a multi-passionate life! Contact me so we can WORK!