The Fervency is a women’s empowerment platform designed to help women follow their passions and achieve their greatest potential. The passion project of public relations, social and digital strategist Aliah Davis-McHenry, The Fervency presents in-depth editorials and curated content on issues that affect women every single day, as well as news, style, health, travel, and more.  

All of us have a fire within us that wants to wake up truly excited for the day and what we plan on accomplishing, learning, and doing that day. Many of us have this incredible fear of failure so we don’t pursue our ambitions and passions. Living without passion is a life not fully lived.

Be Fearless

Enter #TheFerventOnes.

The #FerventOnes is a collective of ambitious and driven women with the same goals–to live their best career and life. Whether you want to make it in your 9-5 or make your side-hustle your main hustle you will find inspiration, resources, jobs, networking events, and workshops for your journey. This space focuses on your aspirations in not only your personal life but your personal life as well. Also, look to your fellow #FerventOnes for inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. We will keep your fire ignited!

Your time is NOW.

The Fervency

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